Study Area


2D Seismic Lines

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Overview of Study Area

  • Phase 1: Southwest Sarawak

    • 13 exploratory wells
    • 2,600 km 2D seismic lines
    • Existing PETRONAS reports over the area
    • Potential New Plays
  • Phase 2: Entire West Sarawak

    • 60,000km² of study area
    • Number of wells: 50
    • Number of regional horizons: 10
    • Available regional studies from 2018 to 2022

Global Program Timeline


Phase 1 of Multi-client Project (On-going)


Phase 2 of Multi-client Project (yet to start)

  • Phase 1

    A resource assessment of offshore SW Sarawak area, including geological and structural reconstruction, Forward Stratigraphic Modeling, Petroleum system modeling, and Prospect and Leads assessment.

  • Phase 2

    Elaboration of the prospectivity atlas describing the oil and gas potential of West Sarawak, including the risk of CO2 contaminant.

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